Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Sun Never Sets on You

The Sun Never Sets on YouThe Sun Never Sets on YouLast week, the worrisome truth that all jobs, all skills, all advantages, fade away, was our focus.This week, lets sharpen our sights on how to never become a victim of the changing times nor tides.First, a truthThe only effective response to a world which steadily commoditizes the value of todays skills is to keep learning new ones.If you know that your talents today will be taken-for-granted tomorrow, it seems you oughta, gotta, hafta, get new and better skills.Becoming a better version of you is the only way to make sure you dont become an obsolete version of you.Three stories this week caught my eyeLou Reed passed away without many of the advantages youd expect of a modern jupe star - good looks, an enormous fan base, a huge catalog of hits - Reed kept his career alive and thriving over five decades.How?A good helping of native talent combined with the desire to always try something new.Reed followed up successful albums with we ird, quixotically strange efforts. Triumphant global tours would be succeeded by tottering efforts in a new medium, or with new collaborators, or with new instrumentation.Most of the new things he did fell flat on their face.But the important thing is he kept trying. He knew intuitively that personal growth and exploration was the only way to keep his audience growing and evolving.The successful person at the peak of their game, who decides they dont want to expend the effort to learn any more, ends up like most of Lou Reeds peers from the 60s forgotten long ago.Its the same whether its an audience, a customer base, or future bosses - growth and development are attractive. Stagnation scares em away.My barber in New York City, Clark, has a great coming to New York story.Growing up in Utah, attending barber school out there, he remembers seeing photos during class of the best barbershops in the country - many of which were in New York. And he said to himself some day, Id love to get to New York and work at one of those.But it seemed a pipe dream.Heres the important thing - he kept trying new stuff hed try out new haircuts, learn about new styles, and even, on a bit of a whim, decided to learn about Instagram and start posting photos of his cuts thereAt jclarkwalker at Instagram.Well, and before you know it, he got that New York itch again.So he decided to send those Instagram shots to some of the top barbers in New York, including the finest barber shop in downtown Manhattan, Fellow Barber on Crosby Street. Where he is happily snipping away at his dream today.Now when Clark got started on Instagram, he didnt know where it would take him. He didnt think of it as a strange new type of resume. Didnt consider that getting better at this clever new communication medium was actually a means to achieve dramatic professional growth.No, he didnt need to have it all figured out in advance.Because he did the important thing - he kept trying new stuff.He kept learning.A nd that learning, which turned into a new way to promote himself, led him on a fun, new adventure for him and his young family.And thats an inspiration for all of us.Which got me thinking about this article on the practice of practising . (Yes, thats the British spelling.)Concert pianist Stephen Hough writes that the purpose of practising is so that we (offstage as engineers) make sure that we (onstage as pilots) are completely free to fly to the destination of our choice.Similarly, the purpose of learning outside of your day-to-day tasks at work is so that you can achieve new, and grander, ambitions in your day-to-day career.It is the offstage effort that makes your onstage performance possible.By applying yourself and picking up new skills, you make it so that, in the moment - at the meeting, on the client call, during the debugging - you can make the right choice, apply the right method, instantly, effortlessly.We all learn differently. All the various learning methods - vide os, in-person classes, books, audiobooks in the car, one-on-one instruction - are more or less effective for different people. (For me, its always books I couldnt sit still through a learning video for more than a minute no matter how Hollywood and high gloss the production).But however you learn, the important thing is to keep learningLearning about your industry, learning about other industries.Learning practical skills, or learning completely impractical skills that simply expand your mind.Learning history and art, or learning more about Gmail, Twitter, and Whatsapp.You run and you run to catch up with the sun, but its sinking. If you are not learning new skills in your profession, you are guaranteeing yourself a future pay cut, or, worse, a pink slip. Dont be that victim, dont end up on the dark side of the moon.Learning new skills exploring new avenues are the only ways to ensure that youll keep ahead of that fat old sun.Well, I hope thats helpful as you think about staying a head in your career Have a great week in the search

Saturday, December 28, 2019

American kids would rather be youtube blogger

American kids would rather be youtube bloggerAmerican kids would rather be youtube bloggerImagine the guts, the glory, and finally the awe of floating in space after years of studying and training.But according to a recent survey, American kids today have no interest in being an astronaut. Theyd rather be a YouTuber or a vlogger.A Harris Poll survey commissioned by LEGO surveyed 3,000 children in the United States, UK, and China about their future .Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreThe children were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up and given five professions to choose from astronaut, professional athlete, teacher, musician, or Youtuber/blogger.Twenty-nine percent of Americans and 30% of those in the UK wanted to be a YouTuber/vlogger at three times the rate they did an astronaut. For American kids, astronaut was the least-popular future profession.Meanwhile, 56% of k ids in China wanted to be an astronaut, with Youtuber/vlogger coming in last on the list.Still, kids showed that they were nevertheless imaginative about our future in space. Almost all of those surveyed (90%) said theyd like to learn more about space exploration.When asked if they would like to travel into space, 95% of Chinese kids said they would, and nearly 70% of U.S. kids and 63% of British children did.Nearly all kids from every country surveyed China (97%), the UK (87%), and the US (88%) believe that humans will travel to roter planet in the future. A quarter (24%) of kids who think humans will travel to Mars think it will happen either this year or next. Thats a pretty fast timeframeThree-quarters of kids believe that humans will live in outer space or on a different planet, though kids from China fervently believe so, (96%) at a much higher rate than kids from the US (66%) and UK (62%).Perhaps by the time that happens, some of todays American and English kids will be broa dcasting their YouTube channels straight from space.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Avoid these Five Employer Branding Mistakes to Reach Top Talent

Avoid these Five Employer Branding Mistakes to Reach Top TalentAvoid these Five Employer Branding Mistakes to Reach Top TalentAvoid these Five Employer Branding Mistakes to Reach Top TalentThe word is outemployer branding is a powerful way to reach todays information-hungry talent. But it turns out thats not all it can do. Employer branding actually helps motivate job seekers to survey data shows that applicants put a high value on three components of an employer brand, including a companys reputation, the information they provide and their values. All three are factors in why seekers applied for the job.If your company still struggles with mastering your employer brand, dont worryweve got your back.To help avoid the same obstacles that other companies face, weve outlined five common mistakes that businesses often make in their employer branding efforts and provided some strategies for how to overcome them.Mistake 1 Touting unique perks without understanding what candi dates really wantpost-apply survey data found that applicants rank work-life balance as a top priority. Yet that benefit is often no longer enough. More and more employers are attempting to differentiate themselves by offering unique employee benefits such as indoor rock climbing walls, free snacks and even private concierge services especially when trying to recruit Millennials.This could be a good strategy for some employers if theyve done their homework and are starting with a strong employee value proposition (EVP). But for many, its simply an off-brand Band-Aid.Thats because Millennials may enjoy those perks, but theyre hardly their top priority. According to a survey by Grovo, Millennials are looking for companies that offer autonomy, communicate effectively, provide training and professional development, give them the opportunity to do meaningful work, and make innovation a core company value.Why this happensWhen trying to quickly recruit new employees, especially highly ski lled ones, flashy perks are a easy tactic. And with many other companies offering them, it often becomes a case of keeping up with the Joneses. Yet implementing an uncommon perkjust for the sake of touting it on career sitesis likely to only achieve a temporary bump in job applications.While offering housecleaning and in-house espresso bars can certainly get attention, the verdict is out on whether they will inspire the right candidates to apply to and stay with your company.What to do insteadDevelop an employee value propositionor EVPto better understand the main reasons your best employees want to work for you. That starts with asking your employees for their input, rather than deciding in a conference room absent any real data or evidence.Once youve defined what employees get out of working for your company, use this knowledge to create a succinct statement that communicates your EVP. From that point on, align it with any new perks.When youre thinking up new perks, ask your emplo yees for their feedback. Those discussions will help you identify ideas that both enhance your employees lives and boost their productivity at work. That way youll implement perks that matter to your employees and attract the right candidates.Mistake 2 Keeping benefits info hush-hushTodays job seekers often shop for their next role much like they shop for a new car, and that includes using research in their job decision. Job seekers increasingly expect to be able to find information on the benefits offered by prospective employers. Unfortunately, most companies keep their lips sealed when it comes to the benefits they offer.Why this happensEmployers have a variety reasons for keeping their benefits packages vague until an offer is extended. Some employers likely know that their benefits package could be better. Some employers may simply be unaware that job seekers are looking for this information, particularly in the job description. Whatever the reason, a veiled approach to benefit s can be a missed opportunity with job seekers.What to do insteadIf you already offer killer benefits and have the green light from legal to show them off be aya to include detailed benefits information on your careers site. Better yet, consider creating a separateand publicone thats dedicated solely to your employee benefits.If your benefits are ho-hum, or if you dont have the permission to share them explicitly, consider getting more personal by creating a content campaign in which current employees share stories about how their employment benefits have positively impacted their lives.No matter which strategy you go with, you need to start referencing your benefits in job descriptions and recruitment content ASAP.Mistake 3 Neglecting to highlight real employeesand their workHave you ever heard someone talk about how much they like their job without hearing about their co-workers? Neither have we. Job seekers want to know the people theyd work with, what these people think about th eir work and how they affect the companys culture. Too few companies go this route and their recruiting suffers as a result.Why this happensMany employers dont realize how effective showcasing the everyday lives of current employees can be. As a result, they dont invest in creating content that accomplishes this. But doing so is a great way to help job seekers envision themselves in your offices.What to do insteadHumanize your workplace. Create content that highlights your own people and their work. Even if you dont have budget for a video tour of your office, you can still ask great employees to guest blog about their work on your career site blog.Mistake 4 Creating content but not promoting itProducing great recruiting content is an important stepbut keep in mind that its just the first step. Many employers publish recruiting content on their career site but then neglect to put a distribution strategy in place.Why this happensEven seasoned marketing teams are sometimes guilty of i nvesting heavily in the creation of content without allocating some budget to promote and distribute it. notlage only does this hamper your ability to recruit great talent, youre also doing your teams efforts a disservice. Without promotion, your content is likely to underperform, simply because no one knows its thereWhat to do insteadWhen you plan your next piece of recruitment content, include a marketing strategy for how and where youll promote itbeyond your own career site and blog. Consider setting aside funds to distribute your content to target audiences.Advanced targeting options will help your job ad reach the people you most want to attract. This can be a good time to collaborate with an experienced recruitment partner like to better target your job ad to the right audienceor getting it out on job sites where people are when theyre looking for jobs.Mistake 5 Missing out on employee brand ambassadorsYour own satisfied employeesparticularly top performerscould be your best t ool for attracting more candidates with similar attributes. Empower your brand ambassadors to promote your company as an employer of choice. Too many employers overlook this valuable resource.Why this happensSome companies still fear what could happen when their employees outwardly represent them, especially on social media. But with a little trainingand a little trustyour employees can be a powerful weapon in your recruitment arsenal. What to do insteadStart by communicating (or creating) a company social media policy. Include positive ways and rallying points for employees to share and promote your brand. You can even consider reaching out to some of your best and happiest people to get the ball rolling. Check out how employees share their experiences and how the company promotes them.These lessons will enable your company to find its unique employer brand voice. And rememberEmployer Brand solutions can help you accelerate the process and attract the talent you need.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Robots are taking over company job interviews

Robots are taking over company job bewerbungsinterviewsRobots are taking over company job interviewsThe future has arrived Robots are now smart enough to judge us. And because some employers have decided that technology is the solution to their recruiting problems, Americans are starting to field generic job questions posed to them by no one. These artificial intelligence and recorded interviews have a lot of positives. They circumvent traditional human limitations such as work hours so interviewees can schedule an interview at their convenience. And when programmed correctly, AI can weed out some of the implicit biases that recruiters have, meaning that companies can recruit a mora diverse labor force. But according to potential candidates, the new interview techniques also have major downsides. It seems across the age spectrum, people find one-sided interviews to be cold, odd and difficult to ace. Why its happening The U.S. labor market is facing a shortage of qualified candidates for many industries, and a low unemployment tarif means there are fewer people actively searching for opportunities. In this environment, companies have identified the need for speed to recruit the best people for their offices. But businesses are not only looking for great candidates theyre also eager to diversify their workforce. LinkedIns 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report found that diversity was the top trend shaping the future of recruiting and hiring. Reasons for the trend include improving culture and company performance and better-representing customers. With these aims in mind, companies are looking for technology to streamline their application processes while getting rid of implicit biases that often hurt more diverse candidates. One company has experienced a 5- to 7-day improvement in the time it takes candidates to complete a phone interview after implementing on-demand voice interviews, according to The Wall Street Journal. Thats likely because applicants can choose any time for their interview and are not subject to the saatkorn confines of having to speak with a hiring manager during office hours. Robots are also more inclined to give a less traditional candidate a chance if theyre right for the job. They do not step into the same pitfalls as humans, who can sometimes judge applicants on their attractiveness, the way they dress, shared interests or connections and other factors. But even robots are not perfectly impartial after all, people create them. Amazon reportedly had to retire an AI recruiting system in 2015 because the bot was giving women lower scores than their male counterparts after being programmed to identify candidates similar to Amazons mostly male hot shots. So while the new technology may make the recruiting process more efficient and give hiring managers more time to complete important work, it also has its downsides. And thats before considering the impact on the people who are now being interviewed by robots. The reactio n It turns out that not everyones on board with having their application processed by a non-human. Its highly impersonal, Jeremy Maffei, 42, told the Wall Street Journal. He said during his automated interview, he blanked out and had no way to know whether his answers were resonating. 23-year-old Eden Hoffman was asked to do a video interview with a robot that scored her responses through an algorithm. It was very unnatural, Hoffman told the New York Post. Im a big people person when Im in front of someone, Im using my hands and making eye contact. Its awkward when youre just doing that for yourself.When Darlene Racinelli had an automated phone interview, she hung up before it was over.I hit 9 and just ended it, Racinelli told the Journal.No one knows if new technologies will be the long-term solutions to companies fraught recruiting processes, or if they will go out of fashion as candidates complain about how impersonal and unnatural they are. But for now, they have become part of the job interview process, and its time to be ready for a call from a robot.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

How to Handle Tough Interview Questions Contest

How to Handle Tough Interview Questions ContestHow to Handle Tough Interview Questions ContestA new ebook, 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions, has got you covered, and the publisher, Open Road Media, is giving away a free copy This no-nonsense guide will prepare you to leverage the trickiest questions to your advantage. Learn how to deal gracefully with complicated case bewerbungsgesprchs, various personality types, and even potentially illegal questions- all while avoiding common mistakes.For a chance to win an ebook copy of 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions, go here to enter the contest*. *This contest has now ended and a winner has been chosen.And to learn how to handle tough interview questions, follow our favorite tipsAnticipate an interviewers concerns about your application.Most of the time, the manager or HR professional youre interviewing with likes your candidacy overall, but they probably have at least one or two concerns about you. L ook at your application objectively and try to anticipate what their concerns about you might be. Perhaps you dont have a certain number of years experience or the right degree. Or maybe you have too much experience, or havent used a certain kind of software they use. Knowing what theyre worried about ahead of time will give you a chance to formulate answers to related questions.Research the company well ahead of time.To answer tough interview questions successfully, its critical that you research the company by spending time reviewing its website and/or recent press. Get to know its products or services, its recent initiatives, and the structure of the staff and teams. Figure out the company culture and norms by visiting social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Dont leave any stone unturned when researching a company.Know what interviewers are usually looking for.What the interviewer is looking for is how your background and experience meshes with that of the company. Know at least three qualities and skills you can offer- and specify exactly how your qualities and skills are assets, both to the job and to the company as a whole.In the moment, take a deep breath and ask for a minute to think.One of the traps of the tough interview question is feeling like you have to answer IMMEDIATELY. But you can actually take a breath, pause, and even ask for a minute to think about it. You might even ask to come back to that question in a little bit. Interviewers know when their questions are tough, and asking for some time to think shows that youre committed to providing them with solid info and you dont mind needing to analyze or mull over something- in other words, you dont act too quickly for your own good.Readers, what are your tips to handle tough interview questions? Leave a comment and let us know

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Details of Resume Format Word

Details of Resume Format Word Whether youre writing yur very first curriculum vitae or revising a recent CV, a schablone can be exceedingly helpful. You might also rearrange our templates sections as a way to highlight your strengths. Templates also show you exactly what information you will need to put in your CV, such as what information to put in each individual part of your CV, and what sort of language to use. They also show you what you need to include in your CV, such as what information to put in each section, and what kind of language to use. Theres no doubt that a resume which is both cohesive and professional will have a much better prospect of standing from the crowd even supposing its made utilizing a template. Getting the most of a resource that wont only help save you time, but is demonstrated to elevate your opportunity of scoring a work simply is logical. Our website was made for the unemployed searching for employment. Double check to be koranvers that ever ything on the last version of the resume is about you. Attempt to keep the resume no longer than 1 page, especially if youre asking for an entry-level job. Once you are finished with selecting the appropriate resume template word, its time to submit an application for the proper jobs. Zetys resume templates are made with the aid of recruiters and adhere to the best practices in HR. Amazing applicant tracking systems are incredibly critical for organizing any recruitment strategy. Maintaining an updated resume template is necessary for all ages of workers, since you will never know when that awesome opportunity will strike. Its important to get your resume stand out from the work competition. When youre looking for a new job, it is crucial to compose a great resume to receive your foot in the door. Its possible for you to believe you did a fantastic job but ultimately, your resume can be bad. If youve got an earlier version of Word, you simply want to visit FILE and New and you will have the ability to hunt for resume or hunt for templates. Microsoft Word resume templates are the most often used tool in the work hunting. It comes with a selection of templates designed for various types of resumes, but if youre not satisfied with the default selection of resume templates, you can download others in Word. 7 Another totally free Word resume example made by MOO together with Microsoft. For instance, a template can explain to you how to lay out your CV. The resume template will be published in HTML version. Our creative templates make it possible for you to stick out from the crowd. One other great template on the list is known as Flux. A medical resume template is different than another kind of professional resume because it relates to a specific field one thats complex, demanding along with inclusive of several kinds of specialized skills. Any resume template word you pick is an intelligent distribution of your professional and individual experie nces created to maximize the impacts of the page to highlight your very best traits. Each template gives structure, examples and tips so you dont need to start from scratch when creating your resume. Utilizing a resume template has turned into an acceptable and smart practice for quite a few factors.There are lots of free creative resume templates youre able to use, permitting you to focus your energy on everything else you have to do. Then it may be time to bring some style to your resume Once you have selected your perfect resume template from our selection, follow our absolutely free expert guidance about ways to craft the ideal modern resume. There are lots of beautiful resume templates out there, but nevertheless, it can be simple to feel as a lot of the greatest cost a ridiculous quantity of money, require special design programs in order to edit, or both. A Secret Weapon for Resume Format Word Your resume screener wont know about your area. Dont forget, your resume or CV should emphasize your individual strengths. Furthermore, a resume that isnt ATS-compliant is not likely to ever be selected as a match, irrespective of the candidates actual qualifications for a function. Provided that you use the perfect info, you are going to wind up with a professional document that will impress any hiring manager. So demand is growing day by day. Start with a strong price, you believe in. Its possible to never underestimate the ability of a good resume format, especially if you are looking for employment.

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Facts, Fiction and Business Insider Best Resume Writing

Facts, Fiction and Business Insider Best Resume Writing Definitions of Business Insider Best Resume Writing Particularly, its quite crucial that you comprehend what the constituent features of a fantastic calligraphy pen are. There are lots of free design templates out there that you help get the job. What are the very best examples of hobbies. A good can be difficult to discover so following is a good sample resume to assist you begin. The 30-Second Trick for Business Insider Best Resume Writing You cannot prepare a single resume for many kinds of jobs. Based on your situation, you may not have the opportunity to compose a stellar resume. So if youre really serious in finding job, then you ought to find the assistance of such on-line firms. When businesses are looking for contract security experts in a particular industry or with a particular certification, you will appear in their search. Many businesses use some sort of sichtung procedure to recognize the proper candidat es. Many businesses and recruiters utilize keyword-scanning software for a tool to narrow the work applicant pool. The One Thing to Do for Business Insider Best Resume Writing There are times that you have too many questions and will have to sift through them to ask the most essential ones. If anyone should understand your experience in a rush, you may just send them a hyperlink. Plenty of individuals looking for the best resume writing services are being misledand they have zero idea. A fast search gives you dozens of suggestions to help you while you build a document that is certain to assist you land your dream job.